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Game 1 Bonus Details

In this battle, the Nakamura clan has attacked  the Carlsen clan to try to capture its gold. It's a match of speed versus strategy. Who will win? Below are the bonus details. See how you fared against the Nakamura and Carlsen clans!

Move 5/53


Here is the answer in chess notation: a6, Nc3, Bg4, Nxe5, Bxd1, Bxf7+, Ke7, Nd5#. Play it out on the board.

Move 8/53


Yes, it is a good idea. If Nakamura plays a random move, then they can do that and gain an incredible center.

Move 10/53

Yes, it exposes the Queen too early. Nakamura can move the knight to d5.

Move 15/53

That is probably the best move.

Move 16/53 

No, it won't work. The bishop is too passive instead of active because he is blocked by all of the pawns.

Move 17/53 

The more dangerous move is knight to c7, attacking (or forking) the king and the rook. The king is then in check.

Move 22/53

Is it a trap? Yes, it is a trap because if Sato captures on g5 then the pawn on h6 will capture him. In a chess game, Sato (a knight) is worth 3 points and Khronos (a pawn) is worth 1 point.

Move 23/53 

The Carlsen clan can keep the pressure on the Nakamura clan by moving the pawn to h5, threatening g4, then h4, and opening the Nakamura clan's king. Carlsen then has a winning attack.

Move 25/53


Is it a mistake? No, Onyx can go to g3 and then f5, which is a really good outpost for him.

Move 27/53


Was there a better move for the Nakamura clan? No, there is not a better offensive move. If you move the bishop back to b3, then the bishop is more passive than on d3.

Move 30/53


Is it a smart tactic? Yes, Lance can move to f4 and if the white knight on e2 takes, then Khronos (the g pawn) can capture him and open the line against the Nakamura's king, which would give Carlsen a winning advantage.

Move 31/53


If the Carlsen pawn structure crumbles, then the Nakamura clan can chop off all of the pawns and win the battle.

Move 32/53


Here is the answer in chess notation: Nf6, Ng4, Nxe3. Play it out on a board and see how Alexander can capture the bishop on e3.

Move 34/53

Yes, it is a blunder! Oh no! The only way to gain material before they lose Sato is to capture Hansen (the pawn) on e5.

Move 41/53


The Queen can move to g5 or g6 to defend herself. The move to g5 is better because it's not on the same diagonal as the d3 bishop.

Move 43/53


It's a problem because if the two bishops are in the right formation then they can cover all of the squares against the king, and the Queen can deliver checkmate.

Move 49/53

Here is the answer in chess notation: e7+, Rf7, e8=Q#. Play it out on the board.

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