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I started playing chess in 1st grade in an afterschool program. A guy named Edward introduced me to the game. Also, I knew my Uncle Jonathan played a lot as a kid (sometimes he played blind-folded!) and he challenged me to play better. Then I was home doing remote school for a year because of COVID. Each day I had a chess lesson and slowly improved at the game. I started studying Grandmasters like Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen, and Vishy Anand. 

After I went back to school in-person, I got my first Pokemon card for free  and I thought "Oh, let's make chess trading cards that are cooler than Pokemon! "  My mom agreed to help me. I came up with the story, the character names, and the chess game, which is a real chess game that I played (and won!) on My mom helped me find an illustrator and printer. I wrote my business pitch. Then, Chaturanga was born.

I worked really hard on the story and cards, and I entered Chaturanga into the Weston Kids Business Fair. I sold 23 decks and I won for my age group! This felt great. My mom and I are working on a book next.

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